Utility Bill Analysis

Utility Bill Analysis

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Analyzing 12-24 months of utility bills is a very powerful way of determining where you are spending money on power to operate your home. The home is a very complicated system and without knowing where your utility dollars are going, how do you know what will give you the best return on investment?

Green Home can analyze your past usage and provide the homeowner with valuable information on where to start with respect to energy efficiency. The breakdown begins with determining your “Baseload Usage”; this is your everyday cost to operate your home aside from heating or cooling loads. Baseload information is the first step to determine the efficiency of lighting, appliances and also estimate “Phantom Loads”. Phantom loads are electricity that is being used by electronic equipment (even when they are OFF) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Phantom loads can account for 10%-15% of your monthly utility bill.

Heating and cooling costs can be analyzed and recommendations can then be made with regards to operating costs and steps that can be made to reduce energy usage. When included with an energy audit, recommendations can be made to determine the most cost effective retrofits for short and long term savings.

The Utility Bill Analysis is one piece of the diagnostic puzzle used to gather information on your home to determine the most cost effective plan of action to make your home on energy efficient. We not only want to lower your utility bills for the future, we want to keep your retrofit costs reasonable by using strategic cost effective methods.

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