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Green Home provides state of the art inspections, testing and analysis of your home with the latest cutting edge equipment. We view each “Home as a System”. Our equipment and expertise allows us to make very accurate analysis of your home. “Home as a System” is the only type of energy audit that you should have performed; your home is a very complicated system and is the biggest investment that you will make. Making sure that it operates efficiently, comfortably and safely are the most important reasons for an energy audit.

An energy audit can result in savings on utility bills to the home owner of between 20 and 50 percent. With the ever rising cost of utilities, this adds up to significant savings year in and year out. Additional advantages are the improvement of the comfort and indoor air quality of your home. This will also have an impact on the environment, which is something that we should all care about.

Home Performance has several important pieces Utility Bill Analysis Blower Door Testing Duct Leakage Testing Moisture Analysis Combustion Analysis Weatherization Indoor Air Quality

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Act on Energy

Thermal image showing air leakage around window

An energy audit of your home will show exactly where you’re losing heat and money. In this example, we can see air infiltration around a light fixture.

Weatherize Your Home

After we’ve analyzed your home, we’re able to perform the improvements to seal your home, improve your air quality, and save you money on your power bills.

What’s New

Green Home Weatherization Adds a Mobile 2-Part (Closed Cell) Spray Foam System


Green Home Weatherization has added a Mobile Spray Foam System to our services, we are now able to provide 2-part ( closed Cell) spray foam to large scale projects: new construction, room addition..

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