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Green Home Weatherization are trained and certified insulation professionals, we use the latest equipment to perform the installation of insulation, and we also have state of the art Infrared Thermography equipment to verify that the insulation has been installed properly. Green Home Weatherization is the only company in central Illinois performing installation thermography scan verification with a Certified Thermography Professional.

Green Home can install fiberglass batt insulation; we have the equipment to install open blow cellulose and/or fiberglass insulation. Green Home Weatherization insulating machines have been certified to be used for dense packing of walls. Dense packing requires a machine that can provide 3.5 lbs per square foot of force to pack the wall properly. When a wall cavity is dense packed to these standards, they are not only insulated, they air also Air Sealed. This is a huge step up from the old traditional “blowing insulation in side walls. And once again with our Infrared Thermography equipment, we can verify that the walls are dense packed completely.

Green Home uses closed cell polyurethane spray foam to insulate and air seal areas that traditional fiberglass batt insulation is not sufficient. Two-Part closed cell spray foam will not allow moisture or air penetrate the foam and that is what makes this product superior to the canned foam that you buy from the hardware store.

Green Home Inspections and Energy Audits along with Green Home Weatherization provide you with complete expert services that are competitors cannot provide.

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