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Green Home Weatherization is not a heating and cooling contractor, however we can help you not only determine a quality heating and cooling contractor, we can help you save money by giving you the information you need to make an informed decision on your purchase. Green Home has modeled and weatherized your home and this combination will allow you to down size the heating and cooling equipment that you choose to have installed. We will help you work with a quality contractor and provide the information that they need to do the sizing calculations. The modeling software that we use along with entering the weatherization upgrades made to your home, will give us an accurate size of equipment that needs to be installed. Generally your heating and cooling contractor does not have a way of gathering the information that we can provide.

Downsizing the equipment will save you money on your utility bills and when you take into account the air sealing and weatherization retrofits that have been performed your savings could be significant.

Green Home Inspections and Energy Audits along with Green Home Weatherization provide you with complete expert services that are competitors cannot provide.

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