Combustion Analysis

Combustion Analysis on water heater

Analyzing flue gas on a hot water heater.

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Combustion Analysis and combustion safety are one of the main focal points in the energy audit. Many times homeowners are unaware that they have problems with their combustion equipment (e.g. furnace, water heater, clothes dryer and gas stove). These items have not been serviced on a routine basis and these items require make up air to operate efficiently and safely.

Green Home takes this area of the energy audit as one of the most important areas. Combustion Safety is our top priority. We use state of the art combustion analysis equipment. We analyze the combustion flue gas on the furnace and water heater along with checking carbon monoxide levels in the stove and oven (gas stoves). This analysis allows us to test and check the following items:

  • Oxygen Mixture
  • Carbon Monoxide levels
  • Equipment Efficiency
  • Flue Gas Draft

These tests allow Green Home to determine a course of action based on the test results. Green Home strictly follows the standards outlined by the Building Performance Institute (B.P.I.). BPI has a strict testing procedure that checks carbon monoxide levels, flue gas draft and combustion appliance zone testing.

Green Home performs “The Worst Case Draft Test” as recommended by BPI. This test includes putting your “Combustion Appliance Zone” (CAZ) in the worst case setup to determine if all of your combustion appliances will operate safely in the worst case scenario. (This test is performed by running your combustion appliances and by turning on exhaust fans, dryer and air handler to make sure that you combustion appliances do not back draft under worst case conditions.) If this test fails then recommendations are made before any energy efficient retrofits can be performed.

MOST important these tests are conducted again after all weatherization retrofits are completed. A Home that has been air sealed “To-Tight” can create potential problems for the homeowner; A BPI Certified Professional Building Analyst is trained to address all of these potential problems.

This “Testing In” and “Testing Out” is the only kind of energy audit that should be conducted on your home. Testing after all weatherization work is complete assures that your home is in safe working condition after work is completed.

Combustion Analysis is one piece of the diagnostic puzzle used to gather information on your home to determine the most cost effective and safest plan of action to make your home more energy efficient. We not only want to lower your utility bills for the future, we want to keep your retrofit costs reasonable by using state of the art strategic cost effective methods.

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