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Green Home Weatherization is your best choice for energy efficiency retrofits, once we have completed the energy audit of your home; we know exactly where the work needs to be performed.  There is no guess work involved; everything is mapped out from the start.  We know exactly where to perform air sealing and this is the most important first step in the process.  Green Home uses 2-Part Closed Cell Spray Foam, this product has the highest R-value on the market.  Our state of the art truck mounted system allows us to offer the best product for the best price.  Once we have completed the air sealing, we will test the home to verify our success and then move on to the insulating of the attic and walls as required.  Green home installs Energy Star windows and doors so you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality and most energy efficient products.

Green Home Weatherization has partnered with Ameren’s Act on Energy to provide you with instant rebates on the air sealing, insulation and duct sealing.  These rebates will be subtracted from your bill so that you don’t have to fill out rebate forms or wait for the rebate check.  This is another way that Green Home Weatherization stands out against the competition.
Once all of the work is completed Green Home will retest your home to make sure that the work performed is of the highest quality.  We will test to make sure that your combustion appliances are drafting properly and that there is not any harmful flue gases back drafting into the home.  Also we will check the air quality in the home to make sure that we meet the minimum ventilation requirements so that the home is safe and healthy before we leave the premises.

Green Home is the oldest certified Home Performance Contractor in Central Illinois, we have experienced and certified employees to make sure that the job is done right!

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