Moisture Analysis

Condensation Indoor Air Quality

Moisture can lead to mold, and mold can affect your health.

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Moisture Analysis is a very important and is an often overlooked step in the energy analysis. Moisture issues often cause more problems to the homeowner, because the problems generally are hidden or the homeowner does not realize how bad the situation really is. Moisture can over time lead to several health and building durability issues.

Moisture if not remedied can lead to major mold issues which can affect the health of the homeowner and their family. Mold can remain hidden for years before it becomes evident that there is a problem. Generally these issues are remedied by locating the source of the problem and more times than not we are looking at air sealing and insulation to prevent condensation from becoming a major problem.

Keep in mind that bulk moisture and condensation are two totally different things. Condensation is caused when warm moist air comes in contact with cold air or surfaces. Condensation is something that is controllable with the proper air sealing and insulating. Bulk moisture is when you have a water leak. Source control is required for both moisture issues.

Building durability is a problem if the moisture issue goes undetected for a long period of time, eventually moisture issues could lead to de-lamination or rotting of structural areas in the home.

Some of the moisture related issues can be addressed with the proper ventilation, air sealing bypasses that allow warm moist air to come in contact with cold surfaces or insulating and area that is exposed to a cold surface.

The homeowner plays the most important role in locating the problem areas. If the homeowner is aware of areas in the home that have been problems from time to time (mainly in the winter) make the energy auditor aware of these specific areas and our auditor will make specific areas a high priority in the process. Generally these areas are located in the audit, however the severity is not as easily determined unless the scenario is duplicated while the auditor is present.

Moisture Control is one piece of the diagnostic puzzle used to gather information on your home to determine the most cost effective plan of action to make your home more energy efficient. We not only want to lower your utility bills for the future, we want to keep your retrofit costs reasonable by using state of the art strategic cost effective methods.

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