Infrared Thermography

Thermographic Camera

Using thermographic imaging, we can see right through your walls to locate truble areas.

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Infrared Thermography is the latest most sophisticated analytical tool in the energy auditor’s tool kit. However, the tool is only as good as the operator and at Green Home we are Certified Level I Thermographers and we use the latest state of the art Fluke Ti32 Thermal I.R. Cameras.

Thermal cameras are a powerful tool in viewing wall cavity insulation, ceiling insulation, moisture related issues or problems. Used in conjunction with the Blower Door, this tool is very powerful in locating voids in the thermal boundary of the home. The thermal boundary and the pressure boundary are two of the most important aspects of energy efficiency retrofits. These two boundaries must be aligned to provide the best protection to keeping your home energy efficient and comfortable. Air leakage pathways are easily identified and documented by capturing the thermal image and allowing Green Home to create a map of your home. This map allows us to provide you with one of the most comprehensive reports on the market. The report will show you where the problem areas are located and then with our expertise we will formulate a plan remedy the issues and give you the most cost effect solution to make your home more energy efficient.

air leakage above window trimAir leaking around attic hatchLeakage around ceiling lightAir leakage around flue pipeHeat loss above window trim

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Thermal Imaging can be a powerful tool to help locate and remedy problem areas of your home. Several areas that are not easily identified with conventional methods are able to be located with Thermal Imaging. Moisture problems are a very good application for thermography, there are times that circumstances are not obvious and instead of making costly repairs or demolition of an area to determine what the problem is, Thermal Imaging can be used to see what is going on behind the scenes. Most of the time the problem is a break in the thermal and/or pressure boundary surrounding the problem area, these areas are generally easily fixed without expensive repairs or retrofits.

Infrared Thermography is one piece of the diagnostic puzzle used to gather information on your home to determine the most cost effective plan of action to make your home more energy efficient. We not only want to lower your utility bills for the future, we want to keep your retrofit costs reasonable by using state of the art strategic cost effective methods.

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