Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Be sure that your home has fresh, clean air through proper ventilation.

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Indoor Air Quality is one of the top health and safety items involved in an energy audit. Most homes are leaking enough air that indoor air quality does not come in to play with regards to minimum ventilation requirements. However there are still contaminants that enter the home through moisture related issues, air from attics and crawl spaces along with hazardous materials stored in the basement or throughout the home.

Controlling where and how fresh air enters your home is a major concern when it comes to air sealing and making your home more energy efficient. Homes must have at least .35 air changes per hour so that the air in our homes does not become stale.

The energy auditor calculates the required air changes per hour based on a number of factors including; location of home, size of the home and number of occupants to name a few and makes sure that the home has the required fresh air for the occupants and for the combustion appliances before and after the weatherization air sealing has been performed.

Strategic air sealing is used to prevent the infiltration of “Dirty or Contaminated Air”, this is a top priority for the BPI certified energy auditor and Green Home follows this strict guideline. Top priorities are the obvious areas; garages, crawl spaces, attics and even basements in some circumstances.

A prescriptive path is used to control moisture and contaminated air from entering the home. In some cases spot ventilation is required to control some of the air quality issues. Your Green Home energy auditor is your best choice for making recommendations for minimum ventilation requirements for your home.

Indoor Air Quality is one piece of the diagnostic puzzle used to gather information on your home to determine the most cost effective and safest plan of action to make your home more energy efficient. We not only want to lower your utility bills for the future, we want to keep your retrofit costs reasonable by using state of the art strategic cost effective methods.

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