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When looking for a Home Energy Auditor, choose a BPI certified professional, you get a true professional, trained and certified in the latest in building science. At Green Home we strongly adhere to the principles of BPI, we view your entire home as a system, we look at and diagnose issues with your home at the root cause and provide solutions that will fix it right the first time.

At Green Home our goal is to provide you with: a comfortable, safe, durable home with improved indoor air quality and lower energy bills.

High energy bills, uneven temperatures from room-to-room, drafts, moisture, mold, mildew, poor indoor air quality, ice dams, pest infestations, seemingly uncontrollable humidity levels and even premature deterioration of building materials can all be the result of a breakdown in the relationship between the systems in your house – the building envelope (shell), heating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and you, the occupants.

If one system has a problem, it impacts the other systems’ ability to function properly. Treating the obvious symptom without knowing the real culprit behind it can actually make the problem worse or create new problems. The process of elimination approach just causes frustration as you try solution after solution – investing more time, money and energy – without resolution.

Properly diagnosing and fixing the root cause requires a house-as-a-system approach based on building science.

That’s exactly what BPI certified professionals and accredited contracting companies are trained to do. They conduct a comprehensive whole-home assessment to find the real problems, then prescribe and prioritize improvements that make the system as a whole function at its best. Then we back it all up with our national quality assurance program.

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