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Air Sealing is the top priority and most important retrofit. With our analysis and expertise, we know exactly where to concentrate our air sealing efforts. During the energy audit, Green Home mapped your home with its diagnostic equipment and we use this information to strategically air seal. We want to control where air enters your home and where conditioned air leaves your home. We will concentrate on the big items first and then work to prevent air from entering from your attic, crawlspace, basement and garage, air entering from these areas is usually contaminated or dirty so we want to control the air flow from these areas. As mentioned earlier, we want to stop any conditioned air from leaking out of the building envelope, this is the air that you have paid to either heat or cool and this is a major energy waste that most homeowners are not aware that they are losing. Once the air sealing is completed, Green Home will test and verify that we have sealed your home to the levels that we set out to meet.

After the air sealing is complete, we will bring insulation levels to the required specifications. Insulation should not be added until air sealing is completed, without the proper air sealing, insulation is a waste of money!

Green Home Inspections and Energy Audits along with Green Home Weatherization provide you with complete expert services that are competitors cannot provide.

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