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The home must be heated with either electricity or gas delivered by Ameren Illinois Utilities. Available incentives differ depending upon the heating fuel. Individual measure eligibility criteria follow.

For homes heated by Ameren Illinois Utilities Electricity or Natural Gas

Air Sealing: This measure reduces excessive air infiltration in the home by sealing gaps in the building envelope (attic, walls, floors, etc) and sealing areas around some duct work boots.

Incentive value is limited to $1,200 per home.

Attic Insulation: Air Sealing must be performed by a Program Ally before a customer is eligible for attic insulation financial incentives.

Incentive value is limited to $800 per home.

Wall Insulation: Exterior walls with no pre-existing insulation in the wall cavity are eligible for financial incentives.

Incentive value is limited to $1,200 per home.

Rim Joist: Basement & Crawlspace rim joist is the area above the foundation wall and below the home's first floor, a critical area in insulating and air sealing the home.

Incentive value is limited to $400 per home

Duct Sealing: Air leakage from ducts can waste significant energy, reduce comfort, and cause moisture issues. The Program Ally will use special equipment to locate leakage and seal ducts in unheated attics and vented crawl spaces with long lasting materials.

This incentive is included in Air Sealing.

Programmable Thermostat: Programmable thermostats automatically adjust set points to a schedule determined by the resident. A list of eligible thermostats can be found at There is a limit of two thermostat incentives per home.

Combustion Safety Testing Requirement:

For all homes heated by gas and for electric homes with any combustion appliance such as a water heater, cook top, range, etc., Combustion Safety Testing is required if any measure other than a Programmable Thermostat is installed. Testing is done prior to and following the installation to ensure that no harmful combustion gases will enter the home.

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